Why is it Important to Learn Coding at a Young Age?

Coding became an essential part of both school and business fields. By starting learning coding from an early age, children will have the opportunity to observe and interact with computation thinking skills earlier than most of their peers at school. Furthermore, because logic is the fundamental part of Coding, children will be ahead in math, writing, decision-making, and observation skills. All these skills are used both in academics and outside of school.

We live in a period in which people jump into interactions with other people at an early age due to how vital technology became in our lives. Thus, learning Coding from an early age will give kids an advantage ahead of their peers to succeed academically, socially, and professionally.  

Coding in 2021

With the current circumstances of the world, our lives are continuing online. Today it became much more critical for schools and businesses to discover software and computer programming to improve productivity and prospect. This resulted in many companies looking for programmers and people who know Coding, opening many job opportunities, making these positions crucial for businesses, and making the position well-paid.

Regarding children, they have been studying their classes by using their computers, at their homes since last year, causing them to spend their time looking at a screen instead of going outside. This is an excellent opportunity for them to learn more about the tools they are using and know how they can be the ones to build and create those tools.

Coding is an experience that is both an activity and a study. From the parents’ perspective, kids who are spending most of their time in front of the screen will be able to spend their spare time effectively by turning their computer activity into a skill that they can use in every aspect of their lives. They can use Coding for their personal projects like building a website, a game, or another little project. They can also carry their skills to their jobs in the future.

One of the most common phrases we hear in recent years is that Coding is the language of the 21st Century. As with any other language, starting learning about the language of Coding at an early age will allow kids to easily participate to the business models of the future and be more competent compared to their competitors in their professional careers.

Benefits of Coding for Kids

Coding allows kids to be creative. They are thinking and imagining what they want to build and bring them to life online by using Coding. While making their projects, kids will face obstacles, mistakes, and failures; overcoming these will improve their decision-making, perceiving cause-effect relations, and problem-solving skills drastically as they will be the cause and solution for their own creations. It is important to notice that these skills can be carried to any field that is not computer related. Thus, learning Coding is a smart multi-dimensional investment made for the child to become a successful person academically and professionally in the 21st Century.

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